A better way to measure progress

For a long time I couldn't find the right sports app for me. I ended up keeping track my training progress in a notebook like a caveman. I decided to make my app the way I want it. Activity logging, rich analytics and help from artificial intelligence.

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Train better

Everything you need to measure progress

I won't claim that the app is groundbreaking and nothing like it exists on the market, but it's done the way I want it to be done. Maybe you will like it too.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analysis of training, diet, progress. Admittedly, a lot depends on you, the more data you provide about your workouts, the better the analysis will be. E.g., you will have a better anlysis if you enter running time, heart rate, segment times, pressure, etc. than just running for 30 min. It will be possible to connect popular devices e.g. Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar watches, etc.

Data security

I'm tired of all the apps that track you every step of the way and sell data about you to everyone. It's up to you how much data you want to enter into the app. You will not be forced to do anything. You can access many functions offline and without creating an account. First and foremost, this app is meant to be a useful tool. Anything that requires internet access is either hosted by me, or is a service where only I have control (e.g. app bugs collection service, etc.) and I do not share data with other entities.


It's very important to me that everything is done simply and intuitively, so that you focus on what's important, which is improving your workouts, rather than fighting with the app.

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Road map

Here's what the road map looks like

  1. The idea was born

    Quick preparation: name, domain, logo, landing page and start working on the mobile application.

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  2. iOS mobile app launch

    Planned launch of mvp mobile app. We aim for the app to record training progress, plans, diets, analysis and graphs.

  3. First big update

    First major update (in addition to the normal fixes), online account creation, access from the website. Synchronization with Apple HealthKit, Garmin and Suunto devices.

  4. AI age

    We are finally settling on the original intent of the application, the addition of an AI trainer. Assistance with training and diet planning. Ongoing adjustments based on progress.

  5. Android app launch

    The app will eventually appear on Android. Late, I know, but a one person team can't do everything at once.